While we have resumed full in person classes, some departments may elect to continue to record class sessions for purposes such as material review and make-up.  This decision is up to the individual faculty member and the department.  At the department’s discretion, the CTL will provide a student worker to handle camera movement for a small fee. This camera movement, particularly useful in auditoriums, can be customized to the faculty member’s preference- following the instructor, focusing on board work, focusing on projected images, or a combination.

To ensure the recordings properly integrate with the Canvas course, the instructor will need to set up the Zoom or Kaltura recording for his or her class(es) in advance.  The student worker is responsible for adjusting the camera based on the instructor’s stated preferences, as discussed above.

The CTL is responsible for hiring, assigning, and managing the student workers. To ensure the department is not charged for unused hours, the faculty member should communicate with either the student worker or the scheduler, in the CTL, any days that the student will not be needed.

Fee schedule:

  • Typical 50 minute class:  $35 per class session
  • Typical 80 minute class:  $47 per class session

**Please note that this service is intended only for full-semester courses. Recordings for ad-hoc classes may be requested, provided that a minimum of two weeks’ notice is provided. The event organizer will be responsible for setting up and starting the Zoom or Kaltura recording.**

Please fill out the below form to request a student worker trained by the CTL to run the camera for your class.

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