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  • Coalition for Language Teaching & Learning Event

4th Annual Language Teaching Fair

  • 2:15 pm - 5:45 pm
  • via Zoom

Event Description

Language Teaching Fair LogoThe Center for Teaching & Learning and Coalition for Language Teaching and Learning LTF Planning Committee invite language instructors from across departments to engage in an afternoon of sharing and collaborative discussion about topics in language pedagogy at the 2022 Language Teaching Fair.

The 4th annual Language Teaching Fair will take place on Tuesday, August 23rd 2022 from 2:30-5pm via Zoom (with an in-person welcome back/wine reception to take place once the semester has started, depending on Covid guidelines).  Events will include a special virtual conversation for language faculty & special interest group roundtable-type sessions facilitated by language faculty from across departments.

Feel free to contact Dr. Meg Gregory at meggregory@wustl.edu with questions.

Schedule of Events

Welcome & Session 1 (2:15-2:30PM)

Meg Gregory, CTL, “Setting SMART Goals in Your Teaching This Semester”

Session 2: (2:40-3:30pm)

A. Supporting Heritage Language Learners (w/ Mimi facilitating)

  • Housni Bennis, “Who Is the Arabic Heritage Learner?”
  • Wenhui Chen, “Thank You Letters to Your Family/Friends”
  • Mimi Kim, ““Fostering Intercultural Competence through Folktales for Heritage Learner

B. Gamification in Language Teaching (w/Iva facilitating)

  • Jiyoon Lee, “Transforming Grammar into Games”
  • Mark Dowell, “Creating an Online Text-Adventure for Intermediate-Level Language Classes”
  • Sandra Weber, “Beyond the Chalkboard: Kahoot, Gartic Phone, and Interactive Storytelling”

Session 3: (3:40-4:45pm)

A. Using Educational Technologies in Language Teaching (w/ Mimi or Meg facilitating)

  • Jingyi Wang, “Using Instagram to connect with undergraduates and engage in teaching and learning.”
  • Taewoong Kim, “Padlet as an e-Portfolio Tool Integrating Advanced Language Proficiency Guidelines”
  • Katie Brown, “Using Hypothes.is to Support Cognitive Strategies for Learning Grammar”
  • Megumi Iida, “The Use of ThingLink in Language Teaching and Learning”
  • Katherine Kerschen, “Using Survey Tools in the Language Classroom.”

B. Supporting Students’ Conversational Skills (w/Iva facilitating)

  • Ke Nie, “Animating Second Language in Classroom: A few learning activities inspired by Improv games”
  • Iva Youkilis, “Let’s Talk about Talkabout”
  • Vincent Jouane, “Getting Students to Engage in Post-Pandemic Era”
  • Kache Claytor, “Increasing Confidence in Target Language Through Impromptu Conversation”

Virtual Happy Hour: (4:45-5:30pm)



Registration has now closed for this event. Should you still wish to participate, please email Meg Gregory at meggregory@wustl.edu