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  • Coalition for Language Teaching & Learning Event

Language Teaching Spring Showcase: Show and Tell


Dr. Meg Gregory

  • 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Via Zoom

Event Description

The CTL and the Coalition for Language Teaching & Learning invite language instructors from across departments to participate in our Spring Showcase Show & Tell Event, which will feature instructors briefly sharing a favorite in-class student engagement strategy that might transfer to other language-teaching contexts. This event is meant to be a fun, low-stress opportunity for language instructors to share and learn from each other.

All participants will create a single PPT slide that includes your name, a brief description of the activity, the level of course the activity is appropriate for, and what you see as its benefits. The slide need not be fancy! Participants will share their ideas and each PPT slide will be collected and redistributed together with the others as a single PDF to all participants as a “resource gallery” for future use.

Advanced registration is required. For questions about the event, please contact Dr. Meg Gregory, Associate Director for Faculty Programs, CTL, at meggregory@wustl.edu.

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