Facilitating Group Work

Description: Educational research suggests that students acquire and retain knowledge most effectively by engaging in collaborative learning groups with peers. In this workshop, participants will practice and discuss strategies for effective implementation and facilitation of collaborative learning in an inclusive learning environment.

Improving Presentation Skills

Description: ​In this workshop, AIs will learn strategies for improving the communication and performance skills that are essential for effective teaching—whether in a laboratory, a discussion, or a lecture.

Providing Verbal Feedback to Students

Description: As an AI, often students feel more comfortable coming to you to talk about their coursework. They may ask you about an assignment, a grade they’ve received, or for feedback on their work in your class or in the lab. How do you provide effective feedback in these contexts? In this workshop, participants will learn to navigate challenges associated with providing verbal feedback and discuss strategies for successful communication.

Who’s in Charge? Negotiating Your Role and Establishing Authority in the Classroom

Description: Managing a classroom environment can be one of the more intimidating components for being a new AI.  In this workshop, participants will learn about the factors that shape perceptions of an AI’s authority and how that authority can be used to create and maintain an inclusive, challenging, and fair learning environment.