The GSAC Events are monthly events developed and hosted by members of the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Graduate Student Advisory Council. These events are opportunities for graduate students and postdocs to come together to discuss relevant teaching and learning related topics in a relaxed and supportive environment.

The GSAC events take place monthly during the school year. When in person, these events have taken place at the Liberman Graduate Center. During the 2020-2021 school year, all events were offered remotely via Zoom. All graduate students are welcome to attend, and refreshments are provided with the support from the Graduate School at in-person events.

Note: Participation in these gatherings does not apply toward the completion of requirements for CTL professional development programs. Until Fall 2018, these events were know as Graduate Student Teaching and Learning Community Events.

Past Events

GSAC Events 2020-2021

April 29, 2021: “Exploring Alternative Academic Pathways in Teaching,” a panel discussion about non-traditional careers in academia that feature teaching. Panelists include: Beth Martin, Teaching Professor in Environmental Studies; Haley Dolosic, PhD, Program Manager for English Language Programs; Elise Walck-Shannon, PhD, Lecturer in Biology; and Carolyn Dufault, Assistant Dean of Educational Technology and Innovation at WUSM.

March 30, 2021: “Rethinking Syllabus and Course Structure: Creation, Adaptation, and Inclusivity,” a panel discussion on crafting a better more inclusive and more welcoming syllabus. Panelists include Meg Gregory, PhD, Senior Assistant Director at the CTL; Setsuko Yokoyama, PhD, ACLS Postdoc in Digital Humanities; Janie Brennan, PhD, Senior Lecturer in EECE; and Aeryel Williams, PhD, Training and Educational Specialist at the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

February 23, 2021: “Addressing Historic Racism Across the Disciplines,” a panel discussion exploring the ways in which racism has prevailed across various disciplines, how this past can be addressed in the classroom, and what instructors can do to proactively diversity their content and course contexts. Panelists include Rudolph Clay, PhD, Head of Library Diversity Initiatives and Outreach; Sheretta Butler-Barnes, PhD, Associate Professor at the Brown School, Calvin Lai, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences; David Cunningham, PhD, Professor of Sociology; and Dennis Barbour, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering.

December 8, 2020: “Evaluations to Promote Learning,” a panel discussion on effective student assessment techniques. Panelists include Michael Strube, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Brain Sciences; Rob Patterson, PhD, Director of the Writing Center at WashU; Amanda Albert, A&S Instructional Specialist; and Megan Radcliff, A&S Instructional Specialist.

October 27, 2020: “Teaching During the Election,” a panel discussion focused on teaching during a contentious election cycle. Panelists include Sally Guttmacher, PhD, Professor Emerita in Nutrition and Food Studies at New York University; J. Tucker Krone, MS, Adjunct Instructor, Wustl Engineering Communication Center; Margaret Power, PhD, Professor of History at Illinois Institute of Technology; Andrew Reeves, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science at WashU; Jay Turner, PhD, Vice Dean for Education and Professor in EECE at WashU, and Penina Acayo Laker, MFA, Assistant Professor in Visual Communications at WashU.

GSAC Events 2019-2020

February 25, 2020: “Navigating Through Careers in Teaching: Classroom, Administration, Research & Beyond,” a panel discussion that will engage with teaching-related careers beyond faculty positions. Panelists include Shaina Rowell, PhD, TIES Education Specialist and CIRCLE; Tim Bono, PhD, Assistant Dean for Arts & Sciences and Lecturer in Psychological and Brain Sciences; and Jay Sriram, PhD, Director of the Learning Center at WashU. The event will be held from 5-6pm in the DUC 300. Food will be provided; the event is open to all interested graduate students and postdocs.

November 19, 2019: “Integrating Community Engagement into Your Teaching,” a panel discussion about strategies for employing community engaged pedagogy into your teaching. Panelists include Cassie Power, Associate Director for Faculty and Academic Engagement, The Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement, and Anna Jacobsen, Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology.

October 29, 2019: “Accessible Pedagogy: From Principle to Practice,” a panel discussion about accessible pedagogy in higher education that explored the challenges and opportunities that arise when adapting/creating a course that naturally contains elements for students who need accommodations. Panelists included Dr. Andrew Butler, (Education), Dr. Elise Walck-Shannon (Biology & CIRCLE), and Betha Whitlow (Curator of Visual Resources, Art History and Archeology).

GSAC Events 2018-2019

April 17, 2019: “Engagement with WashU Teaching Center,” a panel discussion about how participation with the Teaching Center has helped prepare graduate students for their future work featuring two PhD candidates, Toshi Miyatsu, Psychological & Brain Sciences, and Kelsey Prissel, Earth and Planetary Sciences, who have participated in Teaching Center programs.

March 28, 2019: “Mental Health in the Classroom,” was a panel discussion which provided information about campus mental health-related resources and suggestions for supporting students who are experiencing a mental health crisis featuring Aditi Ahlawat, Staff Psychologist, and Jordan Worthington, Assistant Director for Mental Health Outreach, both of Habif Health and Wellness Center.

December 6, 2018: “Leveraging Teaching in the Job Market,” a panel discussion featuring Michelle Repice, Assistant Director for Graduate and Postdoctoral Career Development, the Career Center, and Shawn Nordell, Career Consultant, the Career Center.

November 8, 2018: “Let’s Talk Teaching: Speed Dating for the Job Market,” a round-robin style opportunity for graduate students to practice talking about their teaching experience in an interview setting.

GSAC Events 2017-2018

April 25, 2018: “Careers that Leverage Teaching,” a panel discussion featuring Thi Nguyen, Associate Dean for Graduate Career and Professional Development and Michelle Repice, Assistant Director for Graduate and Postdoctoral Career Development

March, 28, 2018: “Educational and Community Outreach Happy Hour,” a panel discussion featuring Dr. Timothy Moore, Classics; James Buckley and Kater Murch; Physics, Allison Taylor, Kemper Art Museum; as well as representatives from the Gephart Institute for Civil and Community Engagement

February, 28, 2018: “Designing Collaborative & Interdisciplinary Courses,” a panel discussion featuring Dr. Todd Decker, Musicology; Jessica Hutchins, DBBS; and Becki Baker, University College

January 31, 2018: “Teaching & The Campus Visit,” a panel discussion featuring Dr. Shankar Mukheriji, Physics, and Dr. David Strait, Anthropology

November 29, 2017: “Leveraging Teaching on the Job Market,” round table discussion featuring Dr. Michelle Repice, the Career Center.