Program Offerings with the CTL in January

The CTL will offer a number of virtual conversations and other events in the two weeks prior to the start of the spring semester. These events are open to anyone teaching this spring at WashU. Most of this program will take place via Zoom and includes events in 4 areas:

Registration for all virtual conversations will open on January 3rd. Please join us and get ready to “spring forward” into the new semester. To search by date, please visit our events page.

Pedagogical Virtual Conversation Offerings

Adopting Inclusive Syllabus Language
Thursday, Jan 6th 9-9:30am
Wednesday, Jan 12th 1-1:30pm
In addition to providing important university policies and acting as a reference guide for course logistics and requirements, the syllabus is likely one of the first places where students will begin to become acquainted with you and your course. As such, it can begin to set a positive, inclusive tone for the semester ahead. In this virtual conversation, we will discuss aspects of the syllabus that can help demonstrate your commitment to an inclusive learning environment where all students have the opportunity to feel like they belong. Facilitated by Dr. Meg Gregory.

Resources for Student Mental Health: A Special Virtual Conversation in Coordination with Habif Health and Wellness
Thursday, January 6 Noon-12:30pm
Given the increasing sense of loneliness and isolation that many students have felt during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever that instructors are aware of resources on campus to support student mental health. In this virtual conversation, a Habif counselor will discuss available services, provide information about making referrals to student health, and introduce options available through the new Timely Care app. Co-facilitated by Dr. Shaina Rowell and Arie Baker, Habif Health and Wellness.

Using EdTech Tools to Build Social Connection
Thursday, Jan 6th 1-1:30pm
Wednesday, Jan 12th 10-10:30am
In this virtual conversation, you will try out several quick activities that use WashU EdTech tools to build social connection. We will discuss how you can easily adapt the activities for your class to engage students with you and one another. Facilitated by Dr. Sally Wu.

Putting Your Student Evals to Work in the New Semester
Thursday, Jan 6th 3 – 3:30pm
Tuesday, Jan 11th 1 – 1:30pm
You’ve received your student course evaluations from last semester, but now what? In this session, we’ll discuss how to interpret your evals – good or bad – and how to use the results to inform your teaching in the Spring semester. Facilitated by Dr. Rick Moore.

Invitational Office Hours
Friday, Jan 7th 9 – 9:30am
Friday, Jan 14th 9 – 9:30am
In this virtual conversation, we will identify ways in which we can encourage students to utilize office hours. Facilitated by Dr. Denise Leonard.

Savoring Teaching Successes
Monday, Jan 10th 1 – 1:30pm
Tuesday, Jan 11th 10-10:30am
It can be easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the negatives in teaching—the day the room projector wouldn’t work, the student who complained about a grade, the class activity that didn’t go as planned. In this virtual conversation, we will discuss easy-to-use strategies to help shift your focus to the more positive aspects of your teaching experience. For example, we will consider ways to encourage feelings of gratitude and reflect on your sense of purpose. These strategies can help prevent burnout later in the semester and re-invigorate your excitement for teaching. Facilitated by Dr. Shaina Rowell.

Setting Students up for Success with Goal Setting
Monday, Jan 10th 2-2:30pm
Thursday, Jan 13th 3-3:30pm
Goal setting can help students stay focused, motivated, and engaged with your class and course goals. We will discuss ways to incorporate goal setting into the first few weeks of your class and identify how you will set your students up for success with a goal-setting activity. Facilitated by Dr. Sally Wu.

Welcoming Students on the First Day of Class
Monday, Jan 10th 3-3:30pm
Wednesday, Jan 12th 9-9:30am
Explore how first-day activities can create a welcoming, inclusive classroom environment that will boost student’s sense of belonging and enhance their learning experience throughout the semester. Facilitated by Dr. Eric Fournier.

Designing Quick Surveys to Help You Get to Know Your Students
Tuesday, Jan 11th 9-9:30am
Thursday, Jan 13th 1-1:30pm
One small way to show your students compassion and help reduce their stress is by giving them opportunities to provide feedback about themselves and their experiences in your course. In this session, we will talk about short surveys you can give your students at the beginning of a course to help you get to know them and establish closer connections. Facilitated by Dr. Rick Moore.

Creating More Equitable Participation in Large Classes: A Special Virtual Conversation with the HHMI Inclusive Excellence Project
Wednesday, January 12th, Noon – 12:30pm
In this virtual conversation, we will explore peer-reviewed work on gender participation patterns in WashU’s large introductory STEM courses and discuss strategies that can create a more equitable classroom environment. Facilitated by CIRCLE.

Designing Compassionate Course Policies
Tuesday, Jan 11th 3-3:30pm
Thursday, Jan 13th 9-9:30am
In this virtual conversation, we will consider how to craft inclusive, compassionate, and responsive course policies that will set you and your students up for success this spring. We will discuss questions that you can use to find a balance between offering students grace and flexibility with also providing them with the clear boundaries and structure that they need to stay on track. Note that the goal here will not be for everyone to leave with exactly the same course policies, but that participants will be able to use this time to discuss what worked and what didn’t for policies this fall and brainstorm about adjustments that they will make for the spring semester. Facilitated by Dr. Meg Gregory.

Course Design Offerings

Course Design Institute
Tuesday, January 4 – Monday, January 10
This week-long course design institute will guide participants in planning and preparing to teach a course that is supported by the latest research in teaching and learning. During the CDI, facilitators will model and discuss a range of tools and strategies that can enhance your instruction, increase student engagement, ensure alignment between course goals and assessments, and establish an inclusive learning environment for your students. Participants who fully engage in the program will leave with a major portion of their course planning finished, including clearly delineated learning goals, an assessment/assignment plan, strategies for student engagement and Canvas use, a draft of the syllabus and course policies, and a detailed plan for the first day of class. The CDI will be conducted through a combination of daily self-paced learning modules in Canvas and three synchronous meetings: two via Zoom and one in-person meeting at the end of the program. Overall time commitment for participating includes 3.5 hours of live engagement, plus an average of 2-3 hours each day for asynchronous work in Canvas (reading, watching videos, working on drafting aspects of your course). Facilitated by Dr. Meg Gregory.

Tech Training Offerings

Kaltura Basics Training
Tuesday, Jan 11th Noon – 12:30pm
At this virtual conversation, you’ll learn the basics of recording, uploading, and managing lecture videos on Kaltura. Kaltura is seamlessly integrated into Canvas with many features such as video editing, closed captioning, and unlimited storage. For more information, see: Facilitated by Dr. Sally Wu and Doug Hughey.

Poll Everywhere Basics Training
Friday, Jan 7th 1-2pm
At this hour-long faculty training, participants will learn the basics of Poll Everywhere. We will discuss: activity types in Poll Everywhere, how to create and run your first activity, and how to navigate the web application. We will also discuss how to get started with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides integrations. Facilitated by Dr. Sally Wu and Samantha Fullen from Poll Everywhere support team.

Poll Everywhere Canvas Integration Training
Wednesday, January 12th 2-3pm
This hour-long faculty training is for instructors who are already familiar with Poll Everywhere basics and who are interested in giving students participation points or grades from polls. In this training session, you will learn how to set up the Poll Everywhere 2.0 integration to work with your Canvas roster and Gradebook. Facilitated by Dr. Sally Wu and Samantha Fullen from Poll Everywhere support team.

Classroom Support Offerings

Pooled Classroom Tour – POSTPONED
Thursday, Jan 13th 9-11am and 2-4pm
Teaching in a pooled classroom for the first time? Not sure how to navigate the technology in the classroom? Want to get comfortable with the computer and projector before classes start? Drop in to Eads 105 any time between 9-11am or 2-4pm for a hands-on tour of mics, cameras, and other equipment that you can use to teach with in a university-managed classroom. CTL Classroom Services staff will be available to walk you through any equipment you are interested in using for your teaching.

To schedule individual walk-throughs, contact Liz at or Tom at