Emily Xu

How Can I Help

Feel free to pop into my Zoom sessions with any questions, comments, or concerns about Chem 105 (or anything else that you think I could answer)! I can help with problem sets, quiz/exam review, general content confusion, and strategies for success in the course!


Emily (she/her/hers): I’m a senior majoring in bio/neuroscience and minoring in children’s studies and psychology. I’m from STL, born and raised, and in my free time I love to hike and knit (not simultaneously though haha)! Fun fact: I’ve unintentionally amassed a small collection of minion figurines. Yes, minion, as in the character from the Despicable Me franchise.

Subject Expertise

  • Chemistry 105/106

Student Groups

  • Gateway to the Great Outdoors
  • SafeZones
  • String Theory

Why I Mentor

I mentor because I think the RPM program provides a unique environment for collaboration that facilitates much more extensive understanding of chemistry concepts to help students hopefully survive AND thrive in GenChem!