Drop-In Academic Mentor

Aditya Yelamali

How I Can Help

Feel free to come with any questions! I love sharing specific strategies, techniques, and perspectives I've found useful in past classes, and I enjoy teaching content in a variety of learning styles that allows students to gain a full conceptual understanding. I'm also here to help with any questions related to test taking, exam prep, and study strategies.


My name is Aditya Yelamali, and I use he/him pronouns. I’m from Seattle, Washington and I’m a junior majoring in Biology and Anthropology (Global Health). In my free time, I love hiking with friends, creating art, playing chess, and dancing as part of WashU Raas.

Find my mentoring sessions here.

Subject Expertise

  • Organic Chemistry

Why I Mentor

I really enjoy being able teach others and see moments of understanding and newfound growth in material. I also feel that mentoring is such a valuable opportunity to help foster an inclusive and friendly community. Being able to create an uplifting community can make a tremendously positive difference in someone's learning experience and that's very rewarding to see!