Avinash Murthy

How Can I Help

Come to my sessions to ask questions, get help with homework or just chill! I'm excited to meet you all!


I’m from Sheboygan, WI and majoring in PNP. I am a huge Minnesota sports fan even though they give me heartbreak every year. I also love music and play 3 instruments (piano, guitar, percussion) and like to arrange and sing music in my free time.

Subject Expertise

  • Chemistry 111/112

Student Groups

  • BuddyUp Tennis
  • Sur Taal Laya
  • Club Tennis

Why I Mentor

My favorite part about mentoring is to witness student collaboration and help students find their own strategy to navigate chemistry and WashU. After mentoring for two years, I have learned much about which strategies work and how to help students adjust the way they prepare for the class.