Residential Peer Mentor

Barry Henaku

How I Can Help

Come to my sessions for help with homework, concepts, and to just have a peer to study with!


Hello everyone! My name is Barry, I use he/him pronouns and I am from the north side of Chicago. Currently I am majoring in Classics and Mathematics. My hobbies (besides math), include running, board games, classics, and Netflix. My favorite poem is Song of Myself by Walt Whitman. A fun fact about me is that I can play the bagpipes, but I choose not to at school for fear of noise complaints.

Find my mentoring sessions here.

Subject Expertise

  • Calculus II

Why I Mentor

My favorite part about mentoring is building confidence in my mentees. I recall when I used to do a lot of Calculus and even now, sometimes I just acknowledged that I would never get it. It only took one great mentor to show me otherwise, and as a thank you to them, I now hope to do it for others.