Britney Okonkwo-McFarland

How Can I Help

I have spent the last two years researching and adopting different teaching strategies that have been proven to be effective. Additionally, I provide my students with tactics I personally found useful when I was a student in the class.


My name is Britney Okonkwo-McFarland and my pronouns are she/her(s). I am a senior from Little Rock, Arkansas studying neuroscience and psychology here at WashU. Aside from my role as an academic mentor, I have many other interests such as doing community service; my favorite is volunteering at the St. Louis Children’s’ Hospital where I get to work closely with children.

Subject Expertise

  • Biology 2960/2970

Student Groups

  • Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (M.A.P.S.)
  • Empower THrough Health (E.T.H.)
  • Black Students Alliance (B.S.A.)

Why I Mentor

As an academic mentor, my main goal is to make sure my mentees leave each session with a better understanding of the course material than when they walked in.