Drop-In Academic Mentor

Dania Kennedy

How I Can Help

Come to my sessions for help with understanding course content, quiz/test prep, or any questions you may have!


Hello! My name is Dania and I’m a senior from Oklahoma City, OK. I use she/they pronouns and I’m majoring in Biology with a minor in Psychology and Spanish. My favorite hobbies are walking in Forest Park, reading, and learning new recipes! A fun fact about me is that I can wiggle my ears :-D!

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Subject Expertise

  • Biology 2960/2970

Student Groups

  • WNMA
  • MAPS
  • WU Pop
  • DENEB Stars
  • TRIO


  • McNair Scholar
  • TRIO Scholar
  • Questbridge Scholar

Why I Mentor

As someone who needed a lot of mentoring to fully understand and pass required pre-med classes, I saw how impactful it could be on a student's college career and their mental health. I wanted to pass on my good mentoring experience to incoming students and hopefully create that same impact that my mentors had on me.