Residential Peer Mentor

Makenna Fluegel

How I Can Help

In my sessions, I will be happy to help with homework, conceptual problems, and weekly quiz review. In addition, I'd love to offer study tips and problem-solving strategies!


Hi, my name is Makenna Fluegel and I use she/her pronouns! I’m a biology major on the neuroscience track and I’m from a small town called Sedalia, Missouri. I am a pre-med student and am currently working in a pain neurobiology lab on the medical campus. In my free time you can find me hosting Smash Bros game nights, binging a new Netflix show, or sipping some tea at the local cat cafe. Fun fact: I have a shih tzu named Raggy back home; she got her name because when we first picked her up we thought she looked like a rag mop with all her messy hair!

Find my mentoring sessions here.

Subject Expertise

  • Chemistry 105/106

Student Groups

  • Nat20
  • PPGA
  • Curling Club

Why I Mentor

I mentor because I was once a terrified student, new to chemistry, and I relied heavily on mentors to help me create a deep understanding of the subject. It means so much to me that I get to offer that experience to students in the same position I once was.