Miguel Campos

How Can I Help

I am available to help with anything Chemistry 105/106 or Chemistry 111/112 related, be it ungraded problem sets, PLTL packets (I also happen to be a Chemistry PLTL leader!), exams, quizzes, etc. I'm also willing to discuss how to optimize your study strategies for quizzes and/or exams!


(he/him/his) Born and raised in the city of Chicago (the actual city, not just a suburb…), I’m a Mexican-American first generation college student representing the WashU Class of 2022, majoring in Chemistry w/ a focus in Biochemistry and minoring in Materials Science and Engineering. I love baseball and superheroes in general. My favorite movie is Spider-Man 2 (The best superhero movie of all time and best representation of the titular character, don’t even try to argue that w/ me because I will take you down without hesitation) and my favorite book is either Holes or The Giver. Fun fact? I broke my arm in Kindergarten playing tag?

Subject Expertise

  • Chemistry 105/106
  • Chemistry 111/112

Student Groups

  • Student-Life
  • ALAS
  • WUCT
  • WUSA
  • Orgo Lab AI

Why I Mentor

I feel like if I have the ability to help others with their path to success in these admittedly difficult topics of Chemistry, especially those that share similar backgrounds to me (low income, first generation students), I have a moral obligation to do so (corny, I know...). Plus, I like teaching in general, so there's that!