Molly Isaac

How Can I Help

Stop by my sessions if you want help with homework, quiz prep, conceptual lecture help, or just generic study skills! I'd be happy to answer any questions y'all have :)


I’m a computer science major with an Arabic minor from Houston, Texas. I have a wide range of taste in books: my two favorites are “Tiny Beautiful Things” by Cheryl Strayed and “The Operator” by Rob O’Neill. If you need a study break, I’d highly recommend watching Harry Potter or Friday Night Lights – you’ll thank me later 🙂

Subject Expertise

  • Calculus II

Student Groups

  • Women in Computer Science
  • Run Club

Why I Mentor

The RPM program is one of my favorite things about WashU. A lot of the help available to students feels formal and maybe even daunting, especially to first years. I love being able to help students in a casual setting and be able to explain things to them in a way that the professors might not have been able to do in a large lecture.