Drop-In Academic Mentor

Olivia Lazorik

How I Can Help

Come stop by my sessions for help on homework, to review general concepts, or develop study strategies!


Hi! My name is Olivia Lazorik, and I am a junior from Fort Pierce, Florida. I’m a pre-med student studying physics on the biophysics track and minoring in English literature. I enjoy running and reading and am involved with research on the nitrogen vacancy centers of fluorescent nanodiamonds. A fun fact is that my roommates and I adopted a leopard gecko this past summer!

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Subject Expertise

  • Physics 191/192

Student Groups

  • Run Club
  • Alpha Omega Epsilon
  • Society of Physics Students

Why I Mentor

Mentoring provides me an opportunity to give back and share my love of learning physics. I enjoy building relationships with my students while facilitating a collaborative learning environment.