Reshad Hamauon

How Can I Help

Come to my sessions if need help better understanding any introduction to computer science (CSE 131) concepts. Whether you are stuck grasping loops or you are unsure about recursion, I am happy to help!


Hey I’m Reshad! I’m from Saint Louis, Missouri and I go by he/him pronouns. I’m a Computer Science Major but I’m very passionate about photography. I’m always happy to talk about and share my art if you ask!

Subject Expertise

  • Computer Science

Why I Mentor

I mentor because I want to show you that you can learn programming no matter how intimidating you might think it is. Going to TA hours and help sessions helped me so much during my freshmen year so I would like return the favor to intro computer science students. I find it quite fun to help others learn and it helps me better understand programming concepts in the process.