Ritu Sidgal

How Can I Help

If you find yourself needing some last-minute study tips, want some assistance with homework, or are in the process of preparing for a quiz/exam, my RPM sessions are the perfect place for you! Even if you don’t have any specific questions but want a space to work on assignments with your peers, feel free to stop by!


I am a senior from Southern California, and I am double majoring in Genomics and Global Health. I love pretty much all outdoor activities and am always looking for new adventures. My craziest one yet has been skydiving!

Subject Expertise

  • Calculus I

Why I Mentor

I wanted to become a Calc RPM because it was a resource I used my freshman year, and it helped me immensely in finding confidence in my coursework while developing better study strategies. I hope to provide the same guidance and mentorship to students, just as I once was. I've also had the pleasure of meeting so many friendly faces through RPM, and it's been exciting to continue meeting new peers of different years, majors, and backgrounds!