Drop-in Academic Mentor

Sammy Risma

How I Can Help

Physics is all about practicing problem-solving strategies! Come to my drop-in hours for help on homework and problem sets, and I’m happy to give advice on test-taking tips and strategies for studying for physics.


My name is Sammy Risma, I am from Cincinnati, Ohio, and I use he/him pronouns. I am a biology major on the biochemistry track with a minor in bioinformatics. Outside of classes, I do pediatric research at the medical campus and volunteer at St. Mary’s Hospital. I love picnicking in Forest Park and finding new places to eat around St. Louis!

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Subject Expertise

  • Physics 191/192

Why I Mentor

Mentoring gives me an opportunity to meet fellow students and help them learn and grow. I love seeing students walk away with new skills and habits that help them succeed!