Residential Peer Mentor

Sasha Rifkin

How I Can Help

Come to my sessions for help with chemistry problem sets, preparing for quizzes, or studying for exams. I'm happy to give advice on study strategies and organization or anything else you need!


Hi all! I’m a sophomore from Boston, MA, and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a biology major with a possible minor in psychology or business, we’ll see! This year, I am doing research in a biology lab examining transcription initiation in mycobacterium tuberculosis. If you see me on campus, I’ll probably be playing ultimate frisbee or discussing my passion for oatmeal or the New York Times Spelling Bee. I also love to lift!

Find my mentoring sessions here.

Subject Expertise

  • Chemistry 111/112

Why I Mentor

It is incredibly rewarding to not only help students achieve success, but also watch them learn to love the process of solving problems. I am grateful for the opportunity to help other students become more confident in themselves and their abilities.