Sophie Eberhardt

How Can I Help

Come to my RPM sessions for help with any Calc II content! I am happy to work through homework problems, review lecture content, help you study for quizzes/exams, or anything else you want to work on together.


Hi! My name is Sophie Eberhardt and I use she/her pronouns. I’m a junior studying mechanical and aerospace engineering and I’m from upstate New York. In my free time I really love to hike, bake, and go for runs. Also, my FAVORITE movie is Mamma Mia (it’s a cinematic masterpiece). A fun fact about me is that I was born in London and most of my family lives in Germany!

Subject Expertise

  • Calculus II

Student Groups

  • DBF
  • Outing Club
  • SSB

Why I Mentor

I am an RPM because I want to help my students achieve a growth mindset. Learning the importance of hard work and self reflection is crucial to success in academics and life in general.