Wilder Berl

How Can I Help

Come to my sessions to get help with weekly quiz prep or general content review or to get any of your questions answered! I'm also happy to talk about test-taking strategies, studying strategies, or anything else that you might have questions about.


Hi! My name is Wilder, and I’m from Middletown, DE. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m a Neuroscience major (through the Bio department) with minors in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Psychology. My favorite movies/books are the Harry Potter series :), so feel free to drop by if you want to talk about that, too!!

Subject Expertise

  • Chemistry 111/112A

Why I Mentor

I mentor because I know how hard some of the classes at WashU can be, especially Gen Chem, and I want to support everyone to do the best that they can do. I've loved getting to know the students and love helping them with whatever they need.