ConexEd Guides: PLTL, RPM/Drop-in, MAM

How this Resource Helps:

A repository of written and video guides to help mentors track their sessions and attendees.

What is ConexEd?

ConexEd is a cloud-based platform for virtual learning and student support, which the Learning Center uses for data tracking, management, and analysis. As a mentor or peer leader, you will primarily be utilizing the platform to schedule your mentoring sessions and to record attendees at those sessions.

PLTL, Matched Mentoring, and RPM/drop-in each have slightly different expectations for how mentors and leaders should use ConexEd, so be sure to choose the guides that correspond to your respective program.


How do I access the ConexEd platform?

To login, go to When you are taken to the login page, be sure to click the “Current Students and Staff” button, which will prompt you to login with your WUSTL key.

If this is your first time accessing the platform, be sure that your account has the Faculty/Staff role (visible under your name in the top left corner of the screen once you’ve logged in).

If you do not have the correct permissions, email us at

I'm experiencing issues with ConexEd. What should I do?

Currently, ConexEd functions best in Google Chrome or Firefox. Also, make sure your browser is updated to the latest version.

Try clearing your cache and cookies. Here are guides for how to do so in Chrome and Firefox.

You can also take a look at ConexEd’s Troubleshooting Frequent Issues page in their Support Center.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, email us at so we can escalate the issue to the team at ConexEd.