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Using the Crowd Mic System in a Large Classroom

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Eric Fournier

Eric Fournier

Director of Educational Development



The system works by having students in the classroom who want to speak press a button on a phone app. A message is sent to a classroom moderator, who then allows them to speak. The student’s phone is then momentarily connected into the audio system, heard from the room speakers and online. Only one student’s phone will be active at a time.

  1. Each room’s Crowd Mic box is accessed through a unique IP address that the moderator will have and type in at the start of class.
    1. Each course in that room will have its own unique 4-digit access code that the moderator will type in.
    2. Each course in that room will also have its own unique 6-digit access code that students will use to log into the class session.
  2. There is nothing that the instructor needs to do at the start of a class; Crowd Mic is started by the moderator and automatically connects to the room A/V system.
  3. The Moderator needs to run the app from a laptop. After entering the unique class URL, they will see an invitation to log in.
    1. They then join their class.
    2. They will then need to enter their 4-digit code.
    3. They will see a blank page when there are no requests.
    4. When a student requests to speak, the request will show up on the page. If there are multiple requests, they will appear as a queue.
    5. When the moderator presses the mic symbol, the student’s mic is now live, which looks like this to the moderator. The moderator can either wait for the student to finish, or cut them off.
    6. When the class is over, the moderator should click the “Leave” button in the upper-left corner.
  4. Students need to download the Crowd Mics app on their phone. They can also access it by scanning this code.
    1. At the start of a class, students need to be connected to Wifi. When they open the app, they first need to Join an Online Event.
    2. Students are then asked to input their 6-digit code.
    3. When students are in, they can either send a textual message to the moderator or press a button in the app to speak.
    4. While they are in queue, they will get a Please Wait
    5. When the moderator has allowed them to speak, they will get a “Your Turn to Speak”
    6. As long as they hold the button down, they will get a You Are Live message and whatever they say will be heard online and through the room speakers. As soon as they release their finger, their audio continues (so they cannot forget to turn it off).

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