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Editing Class Recordings Using the Kaltura Video Editor

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Eric Fournier

Eric Fournier

Director of Educational Development



It is easy to edit a class recording once it appears in your Kaltura My Media folder. There may be several reasons to do this. There might be time at the start or end of class you want to trim off. There may be an idle time during the use of Zoom breakout rooms. There may be a mistake. Perhaps there might be a discussion of politically or socially sensitive topics that you would rather not have recorded. You have the ability to easily remove a segment from the start, middle, or end of the recording.

  1. Go to your Kaltura My Media folder within your Canvas course and click on the editing tool.
  2. Click on Launch Editor.
  3. The oscillating line across the bottom is the audio amplitude of the full recording. Gaps show periods of silence. To trim off a part of the start and/or end of the recording, click anywhere within the bottom bar. You can then play the video from that point, to make sure you have the correct place. Adjust as necessary.
  4. Make a cut in the recording by clicking on the scissors icon. You can then choose the segment you want to delete (to the right or left of the cut). It will be highlighted in yellow.
  5. Delete that segment by clicking on the trashcan symbol.
  6. To remove a segment in the middle of the recording, first make a cut on one side of the segment, and then the other side. Again, click on the segment you want to remove (in this case, the middle segment), and then click on the trashcan segment.
  7. When you are done, click on Save a Copy, and a new copy of the edited file (after some processing time) will be added to your Kaltura My Media folder.
  8. If you would like to see a video on this, that includes how to do a fade-out and fade-in across an internal cut, please watch this.
  9. Be sure to publish the video to your course, the way you would any other recording.


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