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EdTech Tools for Flipped and Online Courses

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An introduction to "EdTech" tools to support student learning.

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Eric Fournier

Eric Fournier

Director of Educational Development



Regardless of where class takes place (online, in-person, or some combination of the two), it’s useful to consider what resources are available to support student learning. Over the last ten years, there has been a proliferation of so-called “EdTech” resources that have been created to assist instructors’ pedagogical practices. We have compiled short profiles on a number of such tools that instructors may find useful in their college-level teaching. Profiles are grouped around pedagogical use: tools for supporting online discussiontools for supporting online group activitiestools for creative assignment developmenttools for flipped content delivery, and tools for conferencing and collaboration.

It is important to note here at the outset that the latest technological tools do not always make for the best pedagogical practices. Strong pedagogy starts with specific learning goals for students, not with the shiniest, newest app. Further, instructors should consider the cognitive load involved in students being asked to learn a new tool along with new content. Finally, instructors should not take it for granted that all college students are “digital natives” who have equal access to all EdTech products. We encourage instructors to always reflect on whether the new tool is necessary to achieve course learning goals and whether all students will have equal access to the tool and to let these answers be the guiding force in your choice to adopt or not.

Should you wish to set up a consultation to talk about pedagogical uses for these or other EdTech tools, please feel free to reach out to our Educational Development team through our consultation request form.

Using an EdTech tool that we haven’t profiled yet? Let us know through teachcen@wustl.edu and we can add a profile about it!

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