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Missing Courses in Kaltura Publish List

Resource Overview

Once you reach over 100 courses in Canvas, you might experience difficulty with publishing videos to your newer courses. This resource will serve as guide on how to work around that by pulling the video into the new course from within the new course rather than pushing it from the old course to the new one.

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How to Publish a Video from within a Course using the “Pull” method:

For step by step images, download the PDF guide on the sidebar.

  1. Go to your Canvas Dashboard.
  2. In your Canvas Dashboard, click on the course you’d like to publish your video in.
  3. Within the course, go to Kaltura Media Gallery in the course’s navigation menu.
  4. In Kaltura Media Gallery, click on “Add Media”.
  5. Scroll until you find the desired video and check the checkbox next to it.
  6. Click “Publish”
  7. Your recording should now be showing under the Kaltura Media Gallery for the course.



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