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Referrals: Academic and Personal Assistance for Students

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An overview of academic and personal assistance for students at WashU.

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Resources for Students Needing Academic Assistance
The Provost’s Office has put together a convenient chart that highlights accommodations and university resources for a number of student concerns that might come up during the course of the semester.

Dean’s Offices
If a student is not coming to class or is otherwise having difficulties completing course requirements, concerned faculty or assistants to instructors may contact the dean’s office in the appropriate school: the College of Arts and Sciences (935-6800); Olin School of Business, Undergraduate Student Services (935-6315); Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, Associate Dean’s office (935-6532); School of Engineering, Engineering Student Services (935-6100). If the student is in one of the graduate or professional schools, faculty may contact the director of graduate studies in the appropriate department, division, or school.

The Writing Center writingcenter.wustl.edu/

A wonderful resource for students and faculty alike, the Writing Center offers free workshops and consulting services designed to help writers strengthen their writing and presentation skills. Students can meet with Writing Center tutors at any stage of the writing process. In addition, they can practice oral presentations in the Writing Center’s Speaking Studio. The Writing Center is in the northwest corner of the First Level of Olin Library, on the Danforth Campus.

Engineering Communication Center engineering.wustl.edu/current-students/student-services/ecc/Pages/default.aspx
Located in Urbauer Hall, Room 104, the Engineering Communication Center offers students in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences help with oral presentations, writing assignments, and other communications projects, as well as job-search documents such as resumes and cover letters. Their focus is on scientific and technical writing.

English Language Programs oiss.wustl.edu/english-language-programs/

The mission of the English Language Programs is to increase the English proficiency of non-native English-speaking students, thus facilitating their academic success at Washington University and beyond. A part of the Office for International Students and Scholars, the ELP is located in the Stix International House on Forsyth Blvd.

Resources for Students Needing Personal Assistance

Residential Life reslife.wustl.edu/
The Residential Life office, located on the ground floor of the South-40 House, maintains close contact with students through its Resident Advisors (RAs) and Residential College Directors (RCDs). Residential Life also coordinates the Faculty Fellows and Associates Program, which provides a means for faculty members to become directly involved with programming in the residential colleges.

Student Health Services shs.wustl.edu/
Washington University’s Student Health Services provide a wide range of programs and services to help students stay healthy, from medical care to stress-prevention and nutrition programs. The Habif Health and Wellness Center is located on the South-40 in the Nathan Dardick House, a location that is especially convenient for undergraduate students living on campus.

WashU Cares: Support for Students of Concern washucares.wustl.edu/

WashU Cares assists the university in handling situations involving the safety and well-being of Danforth Campus students.  Faculty, staff, parents and other students are often the first to notice concerning behavior. If you are concerned about the physical or mental well-being of a student, please review the resources provided and consider filing a WashU Cares report.

Sexual Harassment or Sexual Violence
At Washington University in St. Louis, we are dedicated to maintaining a safe and respectful learning, living and working environment. The WUSTL Sexual Assault Response Team responds to issues of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Kim Webb, kim_webb@wustl.edu (314-935-8761), Director, Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center (RSVP), after hours call (314) 935-6666, is devoted to confidentially addressing the needs of those who have been victimized and providing education and active opportunities to effect community change related to sexual violence issues, attitudes and behaviors. The Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Resource Guide for Faculty, Assistants to Instructors, Staff and RAs provides additional confidential and reporting resources and emergency contacts.

Additional Resources for Students

Center for Diversity and Inclusion diversity.wustl.edu/center-diversity-inclusion

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion, located in John M. Olin Library,  Level 2, Suite 202, enhances and strengthens Washington University in St. Louis’ commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive community. The center’s staff supports and advocates for students from traditionally underrepresented or marginalized populations and creates collaborative partnerships with campus and community members to promote dialogue and social change.

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