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Academic Integrity: Resources for Instructors
These pages contain suggestions for faculty and graduate student assistants to course instructors on how to prevent academic-integrity violations, how to respond when they do occur, and how to talk to students about academic integrity and expectations for ethical conduct. If you have questions about a situation that may involve a violation of the university’s academic-integrity policies, or if you need to report such a violation, please contact the academic-integrity officer for the school in which you are teaching. The academic-integrity policy for undergraduates is here. The policy for graduate students is here.

Statement of Best Practices and Expectations for Teaching and Learning
This statement on teaching and learning at Washington University was created and endorsed by the Undergraduate Council.

Washington University Policies and Procedures
This Website includes links to major policies affecting faculty, students, and staff, including the Undergraduate Student Academic Integrity Policy, policies related to privacy of student records (FERPA), as well as university policies on sexual harassment and discrimination.

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