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Adjusting Your Syllabus During COVID-19

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…InvolvedQuestions to Answer on the Syllabus Class Location & Meeting Time In traditional face-to-face classes this element is obvious and uncomplicated. If you are teaching in a hyflex setting, where…

Inclusive Teaching Online

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…and included in their online, hybrid, or hyflex courses. Fostering Inclusive Instructor-Student Interactions Online Create opportunities for students to engage with you (office hours, comments section in documents turned in…

Checklist for Teaching in a Pooled Classroom with Hyflex/Hybrid Technology

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First considerations If using Zoom, we recommend scheduling the Zoom meetings in advance through Canvas. This will ensure the meetings are ready to go for your classes. If livestreaming, determine…

Transitioning to Online Teaching and Learning

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…you and your colleagues. Checklist for Teaching in a Pooled Classroom with Hyflex/Hybrid Technology: Learn more about how to structure your teaching in a pooled classroom with hyflex/hybrid technology here….

Constructing a Syllabus: A Checklist

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…Course Title Department, Course Number, and Section(s) Class Meeting Time(s) and Location(s) Semester Other Considerations: Consider adding a description of your Mode(s) of Instruction: In-person, Hyflex, Hybrid, etc. Contact Information…

Best Practices in Teaching Online

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…is identifying what exactly participation looks like in this setting. A few key considerations for grading participation in an online or hyflex course include: Clarifying what falls under “participation” in…

Zoom Success Stories: Hybrid Class Edition

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WashU faculty recently shared some creative strategies that worked for them when teaching synchronous hybrid courses (sometimes called hyflex). These are courses where some students attend the class in-person and…

Two-camera Classrooms

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Some of the classrooms (Jubel 120, Jubel 121, McDonnell 362, Simon 17, Weil 10, Wrighton 301) have a camera system that works slightly differently than the other pooled classrooms. These…