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Liz Peterson

Associate Director of Classroom Growth

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Along with my team, I am to provide customer service and technical support for classroom technologies, specifically around A/V, Classroom Design and Active Learning Classroom Design.


Elizabeth (Liz) A Peterson is Associate Director for Classroom Growth and Special Projects at the Center for Teaching and Learning. Liz has worked at Washington University since 1990, when she became the director of the Video Center at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work. In 1995, she joined the Center for Teaching and Learning. Prior to coming to Washington University, Liz worked as a contract administrator in the aerospace industry.

As part of the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Classroom Services team, Liz works with Tom Furby, and Mike Floyd to develop and improve the design of University-managed classrooms to support teaching and learning at Washington University. This involves preparing classrooms for teaching with all methodologies including Hyflex/Hybrid teaching styles. Classrooms are equipped with the most recent technologies so classrooms can be used in synchronous and face-to-face teaching. Other tools provided in many classrooms include digital whiteboards, document cameras and tablet PC’s.

One of Liz’s major responsibilities is to work with Facilities Management on new classroom design and classroom-renovation projects. Liz conducts research on current and future designs for classroom, including those utilized for active learning. She also lends her expertise when departments and schools request Center for Teaching and Learning consultation on renovation and construction projects.

Liz’s current projects include updating the Annual Classroom Report and working with Mike Floyd and Tom Furby to develop a Classroom Standards guide for designing University-managed classrooms. As a member of the Classroom Monitoring Committee (CMC), Liz develops the committee’s quarterly meeting agenda and presides over the meeting. In addition, Liz serves on the University Scheduling Review Committee and the Mallinckrodt Management Board Committee.

During the past few years, Liz has worked with Center for Teaching and Learning staff on the design of several Active Learning Classrooms (ALC’s). Although the furniture and technology in the ALC’s vary, they have all been designed to facilitate collaborative learning.

Liz has worked to develop and produce Teaching Commentaries, a video series featuring Washington University faculty. Each video includes a featured faculty member describing successful teaching strategies, interspersed with classroom footage that demonstrates the strategies being discussed.

Liz was one of the original developers of iTeach, a biennial symposium that provides an opportunity for Washington University faculty members from across the disciplines to share ideas and insights on teaching. In 2002, Liz received—with Kathy Atnip—the Arts & Sciences Dean’s Award, in recognition for their work on iTeach.

In 2005, Liz presented two talks at instructional-technology conferences: “Managing Multimedia Classrooms in the Real World” and “iTeach: A Critical Element of Faculty Development at Washington University in St. Louis.” Liz was a member of the advisory group that oversaw the initial development of the University’s original learning-management system, which became Telesis. An article about Liz was published in the Washington University Record in 2008.

Liz earned a B.A. in speech communications from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 1980 and an M.A. in mass communications from Webster University in 1988.