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Shamshir Tarlanov

Test Preparation Programs Coordinator

How Can I Help

As the Test Preparation Coordinator, I manage the MCAT test preparation course and work to ensure that students are prepared to move on to the next step in their education.


Shamshir Tarlanov received his Master of Social Work degree from the Brown School at Washington University in St Louis in 2018. Before joining Brown School, Shamshir worked for the European Movement organization in Baku, Azerbaijan by managing projects such as Regional Training on Increasing Youth Civic engagement, Young Leaders Network, Peace building: Seeds of Confidence in 2012-2016. These projects focused on the participation of the youth in decision-making processes, community advocacy and providing educational opportunities.

Shamshir held a Research Assistant position in the frame of gun violence prevention and community building program implemented by Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. During his internship with Paraquad and Starkloff Disability Institute, Shamshir worked with youth and adults with disabilities to improve their educational and employment outcomes.

Shamshir is passionate about making academic services accessible for students to promote equity in the educational setting. As a Test Preparation Coordinator, he manages the MCAT test preparation course and works with student leaders to provide Problem-Solving Groups based on Peer-led Team Learning model. In his spare time, Shamshir enjoys watching scientific documentaries and doing meditation.


BC in Communication, Simultaneous Language Translation (from English to Azerbaijan and vice-verse) Baku Eurasia University, Azerbaijan

MA in Social Work, Children Youth and Family, Brown School at Washington University in St Louis, MO

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