Academic Skills Workshop Series

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Our Peer Coach-led academic skills workshops are designed to support students through every phase of the semester, from the first few weeks through final exams.

Every semester, our Academic Skills Peer Coaches lead a series of workshops about time management, organization, study strategies, and more! During these interactive sessions, Peer Coaches provide evidence-based strategies to help students reach their academic goals, share their own experiences, and answer students’ questions on a wide variety of topics. Pre-registration is not required unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2022 Workshop Series

Transcending the Decay Theory
Thursday, October 6, 6-7 PM
Zoom ID: 931 7209 0226
Led by Peer Coach Divya Srinivasan

Stop Cramming and Start Planning
Thursday, October 20, 5-6 PM
Hybrid: Seigle 204 or Zoom ID 942 6615 6100
Led by Peer Coach Natalia Linares

Kicking the Procrastination Habit
Thursday, October 27, 4-5 PM
Zoom ID: 955 5086 9990
Led by Peer Coach Amy Hattori

Spaced Practice: The Secret to Success
Tuesday, November 8, 6-7 PM
Hybrid: Seigle 206 or Zoom ID 996 0572 4382
Led by Peer Coach Sofía Then

Final Game Plan: How to Create a Study Schedule
Tuesday, November 15, 6-7 PM
Zoom ID: 976 8926 2150
Led by Peer Coach Khadijah Kareem

Breaking the Burnout Cycle
Tuesday, November 29, 5-6pm
Zoom ID: 989 9491 1381
Led by Peer Coach Amanda Yu

Past Fall 2022 Workshops

Ducks in a Row: Organization Strategies for Success
Wednesday, September 21, 6-7 PM
Led by Peer Coach Annie Liu

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Recordings of Past Workshops

Ducks in a Row: Stay Organized for Exams | Annie Liu | March 23, 2022

Stop Cramming and Start Planning | Natalia Linares | October 26, 2021

Shaking the Procrastination Habit | Amy Hattori | October 6, 2021

Tips for Tackling Time Management | Alexa Schlau | February 25, 2021

iWaited: Catching and Crushing Your Procrastination | David Buchinsky | February 17, 2021

Other recordings, including from this semester’s workshop series, may be available upon request. Contact for more information.