Economics Resources

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Economics students can receive support through Matched Academic Mentoring and other programs and resources.

Looking for help with Introduction to Microeconomics (Econ 1011) or Introduction to Macroeconomics (Econ 1021)? The Learning Center has you covered!

Matched Academic Mentoring (MAM)

Matched Academic Mentoring provides supplemental learning opportunities in a small group setting for eligible students in select courses, including Econ 1011 and 1021. Support may also be available for Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Econ 4011) upon request. Students may be eligible for Matched Academic Mentoring if they:

  • Have experienced challenges in key prerequisite courses
  • Have identified significant gaps in their foundational knowledge of a subject
  • Feel like they are falling behind in a class and are struggling to catch up
  • Are on Academic Probation or Academic Warning

Matched Academic Mentoring groups typically meet for 2 hours per week and are capped at 3-4 students, to ensure that mentors are able to provide personalized support in an unstructured small group setting. Regular attendance is expected. Students who are interested in working with a Matched Academic Mentor should fill out the MAM request form, which opens on the first day of classes each Fall and Spring semester. The matching process can take up to 10 business days, depending on the time of year and availability of mentors.

To learn more about Matched Academic Mentoring and access the request form, visit our MAM program page.

Economics Department Tutor List

The Department of Economics maintains a list of tutors who can provide support for foundational economics courses (typically for an hourly fee). Interested students will need to reach out to potential tutors individually to inquire about availability, pricing, and scheduling. This resource is not affiliated with the Learning Center.

To learn more, check out the tutor list or contact Dr. Dorothy Petersen, Undergraduate Academic Coordinator for Economics, at (Links last updated August 2023.)

Looking for Help with MEC 290?

While the Learning Center does not support Olin Business School courses at this time, we encourage you to connect with Olin Business School Tutoring for help with Microeconomics (MEC 290) and other foundational business courses. This resource is not affiliated with the Learning Center.

To learn more, check out Olin Academic Support or contact Dr. Shawn Brodie at (Links last updated August 2023.)