General Chemistry Study Skills Video Series

How this resource helps:

In this 8 video series, two former peer leaders share tips and tricks to help students succeed in General Chemistry (and their other courses, too)!

Check out our Study Skills Video Series, created in partnership with WashU’s Chemistry Department. These videos were created with GenChem students in mind, but you’ll find that most of these tips and tricks apply to other courses as well!

Click here to watch the full video series, or you can view individual videos by clicking the links below.

Video 1: Introduction to Study Skills

Video 2: Transition from High School to College

Video 3: Taking Notes in Class

Video 4: Creating Study Guides–Spatial Organization

Video 5: Creating Study Guides–Linear Organization

Video 6: Reviewing Your Study Guide

Video 7: Scheduling Your Studying

Video 8: Conclusion & Practice Exam Tips