Are You Ready for In-Person Learning?

How this resource helps:

Offers evidence-based tools and strategies for time management, test-taking, study strategies, classroom participation, and more to help students navigate the transition back to in-person learning in Fall 2021.

A newer version of this resource can be found here: Are You Ready to Start Your Semester Strong?

WashU’s transition (back) to in-person learning opens up lots of new opportunities for students, but it also presents new challenges for those who have adapted to remote, asynchronous virtual instruction. However, with the right preparation, students can make the most of the Fall 2021 semester (and beyond!).

This virtual handout is designed to help students navigate this transition by offering tools and strategies for classroom participation, time management, study strategies, and test-taking. Students who are interested in receiving additional support are encouraged to reach out to their instructors, advisors, and/or Academic Skills Peer Coaches.