Improve Your Processing; Improve Your Studying

How this resource helps:

Lists several evidence-based study strategies to help students improve their ability to process, learn, and retain information.

This guide offers three pages of evidence-based, metacognitive study strategies to help students become more engaged, effective learners. These skills allow students to get more out of their classes by studying to understand instead of simply studying to memorize information.

At-a-Glance Tips:

  1. Use practice tests as initial self-assessments. Don’t “cram” before taking the practice test. Instead, take the practice with your current knowledge to identify areas of improvement/where you need to focus your studying.
  2. Build knowledge from familiar concepts.
  3. The manner in which you re-read material is related to how information is processed. Mindfulness is an important aspect of re-reading.
  4. Flash cards, studying in a small group, and teaching the information can all be effective ways to study – find what works.
  5. Identify the concept behind each problem. When attempting a problem, first try to identify what concept the professor is testing you on. Getting the right answer is important, but it’s also critical that you know what concept(s) you need to use/apply.