How to Reduce Procrastination

How this resource helps:

Outlines several strategies to help students reduce their procrastination in order to meet deadlines and academic goals.

Procrastination is the act of choosing to do something that is less of a priority in order to avoid tasks that are more challenging or unpleasant. It is in fact a coping mechanism or a temporary relief for longer term problems. Procrastination is much more than a time management problem. The first step to overcoming procrastination is to understand your reasons for delaying the tasks.  This guide contains several concrete strategies to understand and manage procrastination.

At-a-Glance Tips:

  1. For long term goals that don’t have set deadlines or are further away – create your own deadlines and break out the larger goal into smaller goals that act as steps towards the larger goal.
  2. Avoiding procrastination and increasing self-control is more than just creating deadlines for yourself or time management.