Session Planner Template – Fall 2024

How this resource helps:

Allows students to view all of their major assignments "at a glance" and plan ahead for busy weeks or major deadlines.

How to fill in your planner:

  1. Fill in the planner with all of your exam dates and key due dates, such as those for group projects or papers. It can be helpful to put the date you plan to start working on the task and its deadline in a different color. You might also find it helpful to mark your own deadline for finishing a first draft. You may find that you have a number of exams or due dates at the same time and planning ahead is the best way to make sure you are prepared.
  2. If you have any other commitments that will affect how much time you have to dedicate to school, add them to the planner as well. Some examples might include an upcoming wedding, traveling for a sports team, or big plans during a university-designated break.
  3. If you find that you may not able to meet an upcoming deadline, talk to your instructor as early as possible (ideally, at least one week prior to the due date or exam) to ask for help or for an extension as relevant. Many instructors will be open to working with you if you are proactive about communicating with them.

Click here to download the Fall 2024 Session Planner template.