Study Skills Apps

How this resource helps:

Lists several apps that can help students get organized and improve their study skills.

Some of our mentors and mentees have shared their favorite apps for studying. The list below is not exhaustive, but it’s a great starting point!

Anki (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android)

  • Flashcard software that is programmed to work on the concept of spaced repetition.
  • $24.99 on app store for phones/tablets (as of March 2023); users can also log in for free on other platforms and do not need an internet connection to use the software.
  • You can choose the difficultly of the card as you review it; the more difficult it is, the more often you will see the card.
  • There are many existing decks you can download that others have created (search Shared Decks), but can also make your own decks.
  • Users have the ability to customize “fill in the blanks,” so more versatile than simple “term/definition” flashcards.
  • Dashboard provides detailed statistics and information on your progress.
  • There is an Anki community (forum; subreddit) to answer questions related to the platform.

Quizlet (Any browser, iOS, Android)

  • A way to study, practice and master whatever subject you’re learning.
  • Create your own flashcards.
  • Test yourself with practice problems and multiple study modes.
  • Track your progress with the Quizlet Learning Assistant.
  • Remember that Quizlet is meant to be a study tool, not a substitute for studying (see WashU’s Academic Integrity Policy for more information).

Be Focused – Focus Timer (iOS, Mac, Windows)

  • Break up individual tasks with short breaks between work periods.
  • Create tasks, configure breaks, and track your progress throughout a designated time period.
  • Manage multiple tasks with custom settings.

Focus@Will (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows)

  • Designed to help you focus in a customized “music space.”
  • Offers an individualized music-for-work in which every audio mix is different for every user, and all the sounds and music delivered are unique to its system.
  • Manages the ratio between your endogenous attention (i.e., the task you are focusing on) and your exogenous attention (i.e., your reptile brain looking for potentially dangerous ‘fight or flight’ external stimuli).
  • Requires a paid subscription (free trial available).

Do you have a favorite study skills app that isn’t listed here? Send us an email at so we can add it to the list!

Last updated: March 2023