We advance WashU's mission of educational excellence.

At the Center for Teaching and Learning, we champion excellence in teaching to support student learning.

The Educational Development team provides instructors with opportunities to engage in discussion about teaching and learning at evidence-based workshops and programs, conferences and events, and in individual confidential consultations with staff.

The Classroom Services team provides the university community with the latest physical and digital educational tools to support and enrich student learning and designs flexible, innovative learning spaces on the Danforth Campus.

The Learning Center team provides students with multiple mentoring and support programs that help make academic success achievable by all students, regardless of their needs and backgrounds.

The main offices of the Center for Teaching and Learning are in Eads Hall, Rm. 105 on the Danforth Campus. The main office is open from 8:30-5:00pm, Monday-Friday. The main office can be reached by calling (314) 935-6810 or by emailing ctl@wustl.edu. The Learning Center is located on the lower level of Mallinckrodt Center, Suite 144 on the Danforth Campus. The Learning Center can be reached at (314)-935-2066 or by emailing learningcenter@wustl.edu.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to:

  • Promoting Evidence-based Pedagogical Practices

    We believe that educational practices should be grounded in current evidence-based educational research.
  • Fostering Engagement Between Communities of Teachers and Learners

    We believe that learning is social and that instructors have much to gain from collegial conversation about teaching and learning.
  • Championing Inclusive Teaching

    We believe that inclusive and accessible teaching practices are foundational for exceptional educational experiences.
  • Designing Innovative Classrooms with Advanced Technologies

    We believe that educational technologies and flexible, adaptable learning spaces can enhance student learning.
  • Nurturing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

    We believe that producing and supporting research on teaching has the power to positively enhance student learning.

Cultivating Excellence in

Teaching & Learning

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Our Mission & Vision

A Legacy of

Educational Success

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Our History

Leading the Center

Our People

With expertise in the latest in research on teaching and learning, our CTL staff is ready to support instructors and students from across the disciplines.

Meet the Team
Eric Fournier

I value educational development because it’s one area of study that elevates the entire university.

Eric Fournier / Director of Educational Development