We learn to teach and teach to learn. And above all, we aid the university in its exciting quest for academic success.

A virtuous cycle

Teaching & Learning

Our experts’ diverse academic backgrounds help us approach 21st-century pedagogy from a number of angles. We take an integrative approach in the classroom. Learn more about how this approach advances our mission and vision.

Our Mission & Vision

At the Center for Teaching and Learning, we help to maximize the teaching and learning experience for instructors and students in the classroom space, whether it is physical or digital. We provide instructors with an array of opportunities to engage with their teaching in enjoyable and rewarding ways that incorporate research-based best practices into all aspects of their courses. We provide students with multiple mentoring and support programs that help make academic success achievable by all students, regardless of their needs and backgrounds. We provide the latest physical and digital educational tools needed for our classrooms to facilitate learning at the highest level. And across it all, our training and support provides for an equitable and inclusive learning experience for all students at Washington University.


No learners without teachers. No teachers without learners.


A free exchange of ideas for next-gen scholars.


We believe that smarter rooms can make better learners.

Philosophy & Approach

The Washington University Difference

We’re fostering a teaching culture that values exchange, advances scholarship, and designs flexible, intuitive classrooms.

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  • Evidence-based Teaching

    Education practices should be based on the best available research
  • Progressive Scholarship Commitment

    We invite instructors to look at their classroom practices and share their findings
  • Pedagogical Approaches

    There's no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning
  • Innovative Classroom Design

    Technology in classrooms plays a large role in how we teach and learn

Leading the Center

Our People

With expertise in classroom design, 21st-century pegagogy, and educating educators, our leaders hail from diverse academic backgrounds.

Meet the Team
Eric Fournier

I value educational development because it’s one area of study that elevates the entire university.

Eric Fournier / Director of Educational Development