Classroom Technical Support

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides instructors teaching in University-managed classrooms with on-call technical support for multimedia technology and other equipment. The staff of The Center for Teaching and Learning makes every effort to solve the problem as quickly as possible. See our Technical Support page for assistance.

Educational Technology Support

Center for Teaching and Learning staff provides support for a number of educational technology programs.  See our Educational Technology support page for additional information.

Maintenance of Multimedia and Classroom Physical Conditions

The staff of The Center for Teaching and Learning also supports the teaching environment by monitoring the condition, cleanliness, and overall usability of all equipment, lighting, and furniture in the University-managed classrooms. The Classroom Services staff regularly visits each classroom to make needed updates to the multimedia systems, to correct reported problems, and to inform Facilities Management of any required repairs to the classroom. The Classroom Services staff also maintains the room PC, software, and network, as well as updating systems to ensure that the PC and software are functioning properly.

Equipment Loans for Teaching

Faculty and Assistants to Instructors (AI’s) may borrow the following equipment for use during a course (from course listings) in a University-Managed Classroom:

  • Portable Data Projectors
  • Portable PA System
  • Region-Free DVD player

To reserve any of the above equipment, contact The Center for Teaching and Learning by phone at (314) 935-6810.