Design Standards for University-Managed Classrooms

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has developed a series of consistent, yet flexible design standards for the selection and placement of all classroom components. The standards are customized to fit the needs of the major department(s) in the building to the extent possible within budget limitations. Decisions to add technology to a classroom are made based on campus needs, the extent and feasibility of renovation required, and available funding. The CTL assesses campus needs for classroom technology by analyzing data gathered by the Office of the University Registrar.

Design standards for classroom technology include the following:

  • All technology installed in University-managed classrooms shall be easy to set up and easy to control by any individual with a minimum of training
  • AV equipment shall be standardized across University-managed classrooms, ensuring that faculty can easily transition between rooms without additional training
  • University-managed classrooms shall be equipped with, at minimum, a Room PC with DVD playback capability, at least two options for laptop connectivity, a data projector, access to the University network, and simple touch panel AV control.
  • Each University-managed classroom shall contain an instructor’s desk or podium specially designed to facilitate the use of the latest instructional technology while ensuring the technology is not intrusive to faculty who prefer more traditional teaching methods. The desk or podium shall be custom-built to best meet the teaching needs of the major department(s) using the room, to fit into the room, and to match the room décor.

To view descriptions, photographs, and specific equipment located in a classroom, please see the Classroom Directory.

For more information about the typical equipment installed in our University-managed classrooms, please see our Classroom Technology page.

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