The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) staff is available to consult with departments undertaking classroom renovation or construction projects.  Our staff has expertise in developing classroom design standards that can ensure both the physical layout of the room and the technology in the room will enhance your learning environment and fit the teaching needs of your faculty.

Preparing for your design consultation

Step 1: Survey the Faculty

Before department representatives meet with CTL staff, you should survey the faculty who will be using the room to learn what needs they have.  Ask questions such as ‘how do you conduct small group work?’, and ‘how do you envision using instructional technology?’

Step 2: Meet with CTL Staff

Drawing from our extensive experience and knowledge base, CTL staff will offer targeted advice on classroom layout, furniture layout, and features from chalkboard, to flooring, to technology.

Ready to design your room?  Let’s talk!  Give us a call at (314) 935-6810 or email us at