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  • STEM Pedagogies Workshop

Introduction to Pedagogical Scholarship


Dr. Rick Moore, Assistant Director of Assessment and Evaluation and Dr. Lisa Kuehne, Assistant Director for Graduate Student and Postdoc Programs

  • 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
  • via Zoom

Event Description

So, you’ve heard the terms scholarly teaching, SoTL, TAR, and DBER, but what do they mean? How are they related? In this workshop for graduate students and postdocs, we will define various modes of pedagogical research and discuss similarities and differences between them. Participants will also learn about qualitative and quantitative approaches to pedagogical research as well as about strategies to become more involved in pedagogical scholarship in their classroom.

Note that while this workshop is part of the STEM pedagogies series, anyone interested in doing SoTL research or possibly participating in the SoTL seminar is welcome!

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