At The Teaching Center, we see teaching as a collaborative, not a solitary, endeavor. This perspective is central to a reflective, or scholarly, approach to teaching—which involves trying out evidence-based methods, observing the results, and using those results to further refine your teaching. As Pat Hutchings and Lee Shulman (1999) describe it, scholarly teaching involves “practices of classroom assessment and evidence gathering, . . . informed not only by the latest ideas in the field but also by current ideas about teaching in the field, . . . [as well as ] peer collaboration and review.”

Faculty-Development Programs

A culture of reflective teaching

CIRCLE Fellowship

CIRCLE Fellowship

Mentoring in STEM (MiST)

Mentoring in STEM Teaching (MiST)

STEM Faculty Institute on Teaching (STEM FIT)

STEM Faculty Institute on Teaching

Observation and Consultation

Observation Protocol (OPAL)