Getting Started

  • Make sure the interactive white board’s power cord located behind it is plugged in and then press the power button:

  • Download the SMART kapp app if you haven’t yet. It is available for Apple devices or Android devices.
    • Make sure that, on your device, Bluetooth is on. Then use the SMART kapp’s scanner to scan the QR code on the board:

  • There will be a dry eraser and a marker available; just write with it as you normally would on a regular white board:

  • Once you’re connected to the board, all that is written will appear on the app as well:

Screenshot Feature

  • You can then take a screenshot of the screen either through the app by clicking on the camera icon or through the board by clicking on the camera button:


    • You can access the screenshots folder by clicking on the screenshots icon:


  • You can save the screenshots somewhere other than the app by clicking on the desired picture and then selecting the share option:


  • You can access all your class sessions’ screenshots by clicking on the screenshot icon from the main page: