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Proposal Instructions

We invite the submission of proposals to share your teaching successes and innovations with colleagues at the iTeach 2024 conference. iTeach will offer a variety of presentation formats, and we welcome contributions that can appeal to a wide range of interests. Proposals include the title of your presentation, a short description (less than 150 words), and the presentation type. We are accepting proposals from current WashU faculty, postdocs, and staff. Please submit your proposals using the form at the bottom of this page.

The deadline for iTeach proposals is Monday, October 23rd at 5p Central Time.

Presentation Types

Option One: 5-minute lightning talk

Lightning talks are an opportunity for you to quickly share your teaching successes. These sessions will involve multiple presenters, focused on the topics below, and are limited to 5 minutes.  The lightning sessions will be followed by breakout opportunities where audience members may interact directly with presenters.

a. Assignments and assessments that incorporate AI-assisted writing or design tools

b. Reconnecting with students in the post-pandemic classroom

c. Rediscover the excitement of teaching: innovative ideas for any class

Option Two: 15-minute conference-style presentation

Three of these presentations will be included in each conference time block.  The sessions are presenter-focused and centered on a concise topic.  There will be limited time for audience interaction beyond a shared question time at the conclusion of the session.

Option Three: 50-minute interactive presentation

These sessions are best for sharing teaching innovations in a way that includes some element of audience participation and hands-on activity.  They may involve more than one facilitator.

Proposal Submission Form