University-managed classrooms are equipped with touch-panel controls, projectors, cameras, microphones, and PCs. HDMI, VGA and internet cables are standard.  Many of the classrooms also contain: lecture capture, interactive smart boards, tossable wireless microphones and wireless presentation devices.

Additional equipment available for classrooms (on a per semester basis) include: portable smart boards, interactive monitors, region-free DVD players, VCR’s, portable digital white boards, owl cameras and transparency overhead projectors.  These can be requested by filling out this form.  Please allow time for equipment to be delivered to the classroom.

  • To see the technology available in a specific classroom, go to the Classroom Directory.
  • To report problems with the classroom multimedia, please call The Center for Teaching and Learning at (314) 935-6810.
  • The multimedia cabinet in each of the University-managed classrooms should be locked; instructors may request cabinet keys from departmental administrative assistants or from Jeanine Gibson in the Office of the University Registrar (Women’s Building, Rm. 50).

What you need to know about your classroom technology

Training on Classroom Multimedia Systems

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides individual training for faculty and AIs on how to use the classroom multimedia systems. The Center for Teaching and Learning will coordinate a time when the requesting instructor and the classroom are available.

To schedule an appointment for training on the multimedia in classrooms, contact The Center for Teaching and Learning by phone at (314) 935-6810.

To discuss how to integrate technology into your teaching, please schedule a consultation with a CTL staff member or contact the Assistant Director for Educational Technology, Sally Wu, at

Classroom Availability for Practice

We encourage faculty to visit their classrooms before the semester starts and to take a few minutes to practice using the multimedia systems or other equipment. Although most of our classrooms are unoccupied 1 to 2 weeks before a semester begins, it is advisable to check with the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) to determine when your classroom is available (contact Jeanine Gibson at OUR by email, or by phone at (314) 935-4145).

Latest Multimedia Equipment

The Center for Teaching and Learning pilots new instructional technologies to determine whether they should be installed in University-managed classrooms.  A number of technological devices have recently moved from the pilot stage to classroom installation. The most recent multimedia equipment to be installed in University-managed classrooms are cameras and microphones for synchronous and asynchronous teaching.

Control Systems, Desks and Podiums

The touch-panel control systems and instructors’ desks and podiums in the classrooms have been designed with teaching in mind. These components are set up in a similar way in nearly every classroom, making it easy to use the technology no matter which of the classrooms an instructor is using. The instructor’s desk has been designed to facilitate the use of technology without losing functionality for more traditional teaching methods.

Need Help?

Trouble with your classroom Multimedia?

To find answers to common questions, check out our Multimedia Troubleshooting Tips.

Multimedia Troubleshooting Tips