Course Design Institute


In-depth program to assist in planning and designing a college-level course.

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Eric Fournier, PhD

Director of Educational Development


The Course Design Institute was developed to assist in planning and designing a college-level course. This is a hybrid program that generally runs for several weeks and usually takes place prior to the beginning of a semester. During this hybrid program, participants complete online modules in Canvas and participate in synchronous meetings.

During the program, participants will use the principles of backwards design to build a college-level course. Overall, participants will:

  • Create and revise learning goals for students in their course.
  • Draft an assessment plan, including a description of major assignments and/or exams.
  • Select materials that will contribute to student achievement of stated learning goals.
  • Develop a draft of a syllabus and course policies that support learning goals.
  • Consider inclusive teaching practices and incorporate the principles of universal design for learning into their course plans.
  • Formulate a plan for self-reflection and post-course assessment.

Time requirements for completion of the program components will vary depending on prior course development experience.